Monday, March 5, 2007

New beginnings

I am pleasantly surprised. Ever since I closed down my work blog : The Portal Zone, I have had a lot of friends, coworkers and blog readers urging me to continue blogging on the same subject.

Some mentioned that they found my notes on JSR 286 a good learning resource. Some were more interested in the occasional commentary and linking. These are some of the reasons I am starting this blog – the new and improved Portal Zone :-).

However, the primary reason I am starting this blog is because I find blogging to be a great learning experience. They say the best way to learn something better is to teach it to someone else. I have found the same holds true for blogging. When you blog about your opinion, your understanding of a technical concept or your ideas, you are expressing yourself to the whole world. Anyone who has a counter argument, a different way of looking at the same thing is free to leave a comment- question your understanding, and sometimes set you thinking in a totally different direction. Therein, in my opinion, lies the real value to blogging.

That said, I do hope that at least a few developers do benefit from this blog.

Welcome to The Portal Zone !!


Julien said...

Long live to the portal zone redux!!!

lokeshpant said...

Hi Nav,

Heard abt u quiting sun.Hoe u wuld had a grt time there.
All the best for your future.


Deepak said...

All the best. You will be missed in Sun. Great to see that you have resumed your blogging on portlets. Thank you.

vikramark said...

Hello Nav,

You have been an active member in Portlets Community from quite sometime. I hope to see, you carry on the good work with the same passion.

--best wishes,