Friday, March 30, 2007

eXo announces Portlet 2.0 (JSR 286) container Beta

I just noticed that eXo has announced the first portlet 2.0 container implementation. Great move on the part of eXo to get there first.
Kudos to them for that !

However, I am pretty disappointed with the quality of this release because I am yet to figure out how to get it running. After starting tomcat, all I see is a page which asks me to select some of the listed portlets. The listing however is empty (Windows XP, jdk 1.5, IE7/FF2, if it matters).

As for documents, they don't seem to exist :-)


Alexey Zavizionov said...

EXO-PortletContainer 2.0 beta running

The eXo PC team is pleased to announce the first available implementation of the incoming JSR 286 - Portlet 2.0 specification

This product comes with many functionalities:

* plugin architecture
* clustering support
* jsr 286 implementation with:
- resource serving
- fragment serving -- AJAX support
- shared render parameters
- portlet events (inter portlet communication)
- portlet filters
- test portal fully refactored
- portal maker's framework

EXO-PC Tomcat 5.5 bundle includes Apache Tomcat 5.5.17 distributive
bundled with eXo PC sample applications and neccessary libraries.

EXO-PC includes:
Test portal - portal application which provide portlets functionalities (portal.war)
Test portlets - portlets, which showing ability of the jsr168 portlet specification (portlets.war)
Test portlets 2 - portlets, which showing ability of the jsr286 portlet specification (portlets2.war)

1. Start Up
Tomcat 5.5 with EXO-PC 2.0 beta bundled can be started by executing the following commands:

$CATALINA_HOME\bin\exo-run.bat (Windows)

$CATALINA_HOME/bin/ (Unix)

2. After startup, EXO-PC 2.0 beta sample applications will be available by visiting:


3. More information at web or send an email to "" or "".

Alexey Zavizionov said...

Download at:

Tomcat bundle at:

navaneeth said...

I tried the tomcat bundle and it still doesn't work