Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Portlets are dead. Long live Enterprise OpenSocial !

Early last year, I blogged about why I thought JSR 286 was irrelevant. I also speculated that what makes sense was an enterprise version of OpenSocial, which I called OpenEnterprise.

Today, I am pretty surprised to see that OpenSocial is indeed moving in that direction. has published a whitepaper titled "Enterprise OpenSocial". I am yet to read the whitepaper, but this seems to be very similar to what I had in mind when I wrote my previous post.

Does this means that we'll finally get to see a decent component platform for enterprise portals ? Of course, OpenSocial is far from being perfect. They still have a lot of technical as well as non-technical issues to fix (I'll take that up in a future blog post). But it's probably better then JSRs that take years to materialize. What I find most interesting is that this spec will extend way beyond the Java world, much like what the Facebook and OpenSocial platforms are today.

Have you read the whitepaper ? What's your take on Enterprise OpenSocial ? What next - Enterprise Facebook :-) ?


Thomas Heute said...

Those are not exclusive.
Different usecase, different solutions.

navaneeth said...


Why you think these are different use cases ?

The white paper talks about Aggregation, Customization and Personalization as the major goals that Enterprise OpenSocial will address. That's pretty much the same set of goals that Portlets (+WSRP) address.

Julien Viet said...

Stop your FUD.

Portlets as Portlet never really existed.

Portlet as bridged applications are a reality.

Drunken Editor said...

Actually, you're all wrong.Cloudlets renders both irrelevant.