Monday, April 20, 2009

Portal Zone will now focus on social app development

Portal Zone was launched in 2006 when I was a part of the Sun's Web Portal team (this was the initial blog: The Old Portal Zone). The intent was to share what I learnt as a part of my day job (Portlets, WSRP, Ajax and such) and also, to be honest, provide a little bit for marketing for Sun's Portal product.

In 2007, I moved to another group in Sun and later quit Sun. However, I still continued blogging on the subject (albeit sparingly) on this blog. This was primarily driven by two factors - My interest in the subject + the large readership the blog had attained.

Of late, not only has my interest in this subject been waning, I am no longer actively involved in portlet development. However, there are other related areas that have piqued my interest.

Hence, I have decided to shift the focus of this blog. Portal Zone will no longer be actively covering the Java Portlets/WSRP space. Instead this blog will be focus on the subject of social web app development - viz OpenSocial , Facebook Platform and related topics.

If you have subscribed to this blog and are not interested in social app development, do unsubscribe.

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