Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Portal Technology Predictions for 2009

1. Portlets will lose ground. Opensocial gadgets / widgets will catch up.
I blogged about this sometime back. With announcements like Sun's SocialSite and eXo Social, this seems to be already happening.

2. WSRP will die.
WSRP is a web services standard which allows a web portal to aggregate content from externally hosted applications into it's own. To me this is the Facebook platform gone wrong. It will die.

3. Goodbye Sun, IBM - Welcome Google, Yahoo
We will witness the shift of power from large IT vendors like Sun and IBM to large consumer facing Internet companies like Google, Yahoo and Facebook, with respect to defining Web technology.

4. Federated Identity via Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect
Expect these technologies to take off, in a big way.

Happy New Year !

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Anonymous said...

For sure, gadgets/widgets and portlets share similar ideas and cross-pollination will definitely happen. However some conclusions presented here are pre-mature. Right is that the mentioned consumer-oriented enterprises will play a significant role in defining these technologies. However don't count the others out yet.