Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good Javascript resources

If you are planning to learn javascript or in the process of doing so, here are some pointers.

The best way to start is to watch a series of videos presentations from YUI Theater. These videos are brilliant with absolutely high quality content.

You can watch the videos in this order:

  1. The Javascript Programming Language

  2. Advanced Javascript

  3. The Theory of DOM

  4. Javascript: The Goood Stuff

  5. High Performance Javascript

  6. The State of Ajax

  7. High Performance Ajax

The YUI Theater also offers all the content downloadable in an ipod compatible format.

Other good online resources include The w3schools Ajax Tutorial and Sun's Java Ajax Blueprints.

If you are planning to buy a book then you can consider JavaScript: The Definitive Guide or the new book in the Head First series: Head First JavaScript (Head First) .

If you would like to keep updated with the latest in the javascript/ajax world, I would recommend Ajaxian.

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